How To Utilize Both Branded and Non-Branded Keywords

January 17, 2023

Keywords, particularly branded keywords, are critical components of any SEO campaign. Potential clients often use these keywords to access information or content directly associated with the company. A branded keyword is one that consists of the brand’s name. This feature makes it a brand-specific keyword, making it easier for potential clients to locate information or content about an organization. Branded keywords are those that are directly related to your brand’s products. For example, for Apple, branded keywords are those that include the words “Apple” and “iPhone” since it is a company-exclusive product.

Non-Branded Keywords

Non-branded keywords are keywords that relate to your products/services but do not include the name of your company. For example, in the digital marketing field, “digital marketing services and “SEO services” are both applicable to non-branded keywords. They are phrases used by people who are interested in digital marketing services but do not directly refer to a particular brand. With non-branded keywords, you will have far more options to choose from than branded keywords.

Branded Vs. Non Branded Keywords

There are significant differences between branded and non-branded keywords; however, both are powerful components for your SEO strategies.

Branded keywords are crucial because they enable more internet users to directly find your company. Anybody can search for the non-branded keywords; obviously, other companies’ search results will appear.

If, on the other hand, someone searches the branded keyword that includes your company’s name, your website will appear first.

So, what is the significance of non-branded keywords?

Non-branded keywords are crucial because they assist you in gaining online visibility via organic search efforts. Even if someone searches a non-branded keyword, your website might still make it to the first page of search engine results.

Both Branded and Non-Branded Keywords Tap into the Search Intent

We are frequently asked whether branded or non-branded keywords yield better results. This is a particularly common question among marketers launching PPC campaigns, as each keyword carries a distinct cost.

However, both branded and non-branded keywords are important in SEO as well as PPC campaigns. They demonstrate various search intents and reach users at various stages of the purchasing process.

There are four primary types of search intents:

  • Informational intent – online visitors seeking information online
  • Navigational intent – people looking for a particular website or a page URL
  • Commercial investigation intent – users who seek to narrow down their choices among different products, services, or brands
  • Transactional intent – users who are already in the buyer mode and ready to purchase a product or service

Branded Keywords Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Branded keywords can improve your marketing efforts in several ways:

  • Helping you understand how others see your business
  • When you Google your company, you can understand what others know about you
  • You can learn your competitors’ search presence and ad strategies

How Non-Branded Keywords Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

Non-branded keywords can:

  • Help you build awareness and authority in your industry
  • You can craft high-quality content around your non-branded keywords

A Digital Marketing Expert Can Help

Eventually, branded and non-branded keywords will continue to be a crucial component of your digital marketing strategy, assisting your company in finding new customers and driving more conversions. If you need help optimizing your digital marketing, the digital marketing professionals at Viera Digital will help your business.