4 Reasons Keywords Will Still Matter For SEO In 2022

October 2, 2022

It seems like every day, new technology or strategy comes out, claiming to be the next big thing for businesses. It becomes hard to determine what actually works and what does not. You might feel disillusioned by the countless online marketing methods out there, making you wonder whether conventional methods of marketing are old news. Often business owners wonder whether strategies like keyword marketing will still matter in 2022. 

Well-researched and optimized keywords serve as a conduit, connecting your target audience with your website. This explains why the SEO community is still obsessed with keyword rankings after all these years. High-ranking keywords drive traffic to your website, which later leads to conversions, and, finally, revenue. “Keywords are dead” is a common phrase in SEO circles. However, keywords tell the search engines and readers what your content is about. So, they still matter.

Despite the emergence of advanced SEO strategies like internal links, backlinks, and usability, keywords are still important for successful search engine optimization. Here are four reasons why keywords will still matter in 2022:

Keywords Define the Intent of Your Content

All types of keywords, including long tail keywords, branded and non-branded keywords, and local and global keywords, help define the intent of your content. If you were to define everything on your website, including copy, videos, and images, in simple terms, you would remain with keywords that make up your website elements. 

Drives Traffic to Your Website

When a user searches for a keyword or phrase, all the information, images, and videos that appear will complement that keyword. When your website appears in the search results, the web visitor ultimately clicks on it to learn more. Keywords act as a link between what people are looking for and the content that matches their needs.

Helps You Identify your Target Audience 

In addition to communicating your intent, keywords help you identify where and to whom you should focus your marketing efforts. For example, perhaps you are a camping gear retailer and wish to rank for “trendy camping gear.” You hire an SEO agency to perform a competitor visibility analysis. You realize that your competitors are ranking for “flexible camping gear,” which you offer but don’t feature on your headings, title pages, and body content. As a result, you don’t rank for this keyword. Because your camping gear is both trendy and flexible, you can decide to optimize “flexible camping gear,” build content around, link, and promote it, just like your competitors. You notice an increase in your conversion rates just because you identified a previously missed opportunity and adjusted your content to match the keyword. 

Keywords Offer Ranking Opportunities

Choosing the right keywords can drive traffic to your website irrespective of the industry you are in. The key to high rankings is doing proper keyword research. Keyword research will help you determine the following:

  • Keywords relevant to your products and services 
  • Determine the competitiveness of your keywords 
  • Current rank of your keywords
  • Monthly research volume of your keywords 

With this information, you can tailor your content and marketing campaigns to showcase your products and services to prospective clients in the best way possible.

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