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The Most Basic Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

A good web design is one that not only drives consistent traffic to the webpages but even more importantly boosts conversions and generates revenue for the business. It’s common for web designers to focus so much on how the website looks rather than how well it will help the business achieve its goal. The goal, in most cases, is to achieve maximum conversion rates. If you’re looking to optimize your conversion rate by using good web design Viera FL, avoid the following common mistakes.


A design that’s not fully responsive

All your web pages must be responsive. Responsivity ensures that everyone can access your website regardless of their device. Whether someone accesses your website on their laptop, a smartphone, or desktop, they should have the same good experience across the board.


Having no Favicon

This may look unnecessary, but it could be the most basic thing to include on your website. A Favicon helps to ensure that whenever a user has many tabs open while browsing, they can easily return to your tab without any hassles. A Favicon is so easy to implement and should be a no-brainer to all web designers.


Having boring 404 pages

Statistics show that almost 40% of website visitors will hit the back button and move away from the website completely the minute they find a 404-error page. That’s why you need to put more thought into the design of your 404 pages. A high bounce rate on these pages can completely kill your website traffic.


Slow-loading web pages

If it takes longer than four seconds for your web page to load completely, the site is too slow. There are several things that you can do when designing your website to ensure that it’s not too slow. Compressing images, using best practices when writing code, and avoiding flash can help improve the website speed.



Including too many unusual design norms

It’s ok to experiment with a new navigation bar but just ensure that you don’t lose out on users because they can’t find how to navigate through your website. Take advantage of the accepted design norms as much as possible then use them as a foundation to build your website. There are many ways to make your web pages stand out without hindering its usability.



Choosing a font that’s not clear

Some fonts are just too difficult to read. Cursive and hand-drawn scripts can be especially difficult for the average user to follow through. No one wants content that’s hard to read and increases cognitive load.



Content that’s not scannable

This is especially a problem on content-heavy websites. When you have long-form content on any web page, make sure it’s easy for the user to scan through. You can do this by adding descriptive subheadings, shorter paragraphs as well as bullet points or numbered lists. These are easy ways to make your users far more likely to read all your content.



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